COVID-19 Compliance Officers are a necessary part of our live events and content shoots for the foreseeable future.


Our goal is to re-launch live events while keeping EVERYONE safe on-site 

What makes a TEA COVID-19 Compliance Officer

the best choice for your event?

cco team structure

Custom planning for how many CCOs needed at your event

Lead CCO for teams of 2+

Offsite backups for all events

Remote support available from The Event Ally Team


10 Hours of required trainings in COVID-19 Compliance

Event Production background


Additional safety training from OSHA, FEMA, etc.

Local or following COVID-19 travel guidelines

Passion for health & safety

event preparation

Based on training program from The Event Ally:

Planning Events During

COVID-19: Hiring, Training, & Managing the COVID-19 Compliance Officer

Review of Local Guidelines

Stakeholder Protocols

Health Checks

Venue Capacities

Tolerance and Enforcement

Supplies & CCO Kits


Event COVID-19 Report from The Event Ally upon conclusion of the event


Daily Reporting from COVID-19 Compliance Officer

Adjustments to and photos of health and safety measures


Incident Reports


Staff and Audience Feedback

Interested in becoming a COVID-19 Compliance Officer with us?

Send us a note at